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Is there a law in the US that a breeder can only sell a white boxer for what he has into it?

I'm concerning getting a white boxer, and I believe someone told me something to the affect that breeder are not to make a profit on these animal. I quess white boxers are not to be breed.


  • Usually they are culled to keep the white ones out. I think they have a higher rate of health issues. Anyone serious about breeding them wouldn't want to pay money for it. I don't think there is any law regarding this....just preferred selection of breeders. I found this......"The boxer breed standard stipulates that two-thirds of the body be either fawn or brindle in color. Because of this limitation, white boxers do not meet the breed standard and are therefore frequently euthinized at birth. Many breeders feel that white Boxers are inferior to standard colored Boxers and have more health problems that standard colored boxers and therefore this genocide is easily dismissed. The American Boxer Club does not activly discourage this behavior but it does allow white Boxers to be registered with the AKC on limited privilege." http://www.boxerbuddies.org/Boxer%20Info/white_boxers.htm
  • Is it white, or is it an albino? Many albino animals have lots of health issues, and are usually short-lived in the wild. Breeders tend to stay away from dogs that may weaken their sales.
  • i am not sure with this breed because i have great danes but danes that are white are blind or partly blind and deaf or partly deaf you may call a vet to see if something in this affect is with in this breed
  • No, there is no such law anywhere - unscrupulous people sell defective dogs all the time. The only problem with white boxers is that they often carry a gene for deafness. Of course, all Boxers are high-energy, powerful dogs that need early obedience training.
  • There are no laws concerning selling price of dogs. White boxers are known to have defects that shorten their lives along with some other health issues. What they are talking about is an ethical thing that tries to discourage people from breeding white boxers.
  • I have had two white boxers in my life I currently have a 5 year old and had another one that was 10. There is no reason to sell the dog for less than the other ones except for the fact that the dogs can not be shown. The AKC and the CKC state that the dog can not be over a certain amount white. It is not because of health issues. White boxers are not any more prone to any other health issues than any other color. Yes they do sun burn more easily but that is not a health issue. White people sun burn more easily than brown or black people but that doesn't make white people inferior. Rumors have been turned into fact once the AKC and CKC chose a preference for the breed people looking for a boxer, the breeder could not charge as much for a dog that is not "show" quality. Boxers no matter the color make great pets they are extremly loyal loving dogs, both of mine got to the point where they knew my routines, I only had to make hand gestures to get them to do what i wanted. Their only source for living is to please you. They love to play and remain loyal active companions till their last days.