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is it only white boxer dogs that end up having something wrong with them?

almost every white boxer dog i see is either death, blind, disabled, have 1 eye missing or other things like that. but every other boxer dogs ive seen are perfectly fit & healthy


  • I don't know exactly what the terminology and causes are for it in Boxers, but research "double dilutes" and "double dapples". This is a problem for every dog with the merle gene and something that responsible breeders work painstakingly hard to avoid. You see it in Aussies, Danes, Daschunds, and others.
  • No, it can be any breed that has white listed as a disqualification in the standard. There is a reason why the old timers wrote these things in the standard. Too bad more people don't read and understand them.
  • Actually the whole white Boxer thing is a bit of a myth. At one time White was just one of the standard colors for a boxer. Early on in the Boxer dogs working days it was decided for obvious reasons that white was not a good color for a guard dog, a hunting dog, and a war dog... this decision caught on and eventually ended up in the breed standards book. Statistically, there is a 3% chance higher of a white Boxer being deaf than any other color.... there is no other color related statistic that divides a white boxer from any other. There is no "defective white gene", and it is not related to the merle defect.
  • most dogs that are not normally white like ur boxer,dane,some staffys, cant come up eith any others rite now but when they are born white yes most are deaf or something wrong with them but its not there fault u love them just the same. i know a great dane who is deaf and shes so loving. even in other breeds of animals this is true
  • Pete F is correct. I don't know why you've seen so many unhealthy white Boxers but I've only met a couple of deaf ones that were otherwise healthy, and I have certainly met plenty of perfectly healthy ones with good hearing. Never heard of blindness or missing eyes- that sounds like something you might see with double merle breedings, but Boxers don't carry the merle gene. Deafness is the only issue found in white Boxers that is directly related to the white coloring. Has something to do with the placement of pigment in the ears, same thing that can cause Dalmatians to be born deaf. This link explains it better, along with the history of the white color in the breed: http://americanboxerclub.org/white-deafness.html The Boxer breed as a whole does have some genetic health issues that are common, such as cardiomyopathy and cancer. Responsible breeders occasionally have white puppies in their litter but they spay/neuter and place on a limited registration. However it is more common for BYB's to deliberately breed for white dogs and of course they don't health test anything & breed poor quality dogs. A lot of the white dogs out there are products of backyard breeders, but that may or may not explain some of the health issues you've seen in white dogs.....I know I've seen plenty of white Boxers from backyard breeders in Rescue and never seen any of the health issues you mention except deafness.
  • White Boxers do have a TON of health problems. The one white Boxer I knew who I liked and appeared healthy was an amazing animal. Good working dog. Died when he was 6 from a brain tumor. Boxers have a higher rate of cancers. White boxers aren't worth the heartache. Steer away from them like the plague. Add: "White boxers are the same as other boxers...only 10% may be deaf in one or both ears"... So 10% of them being deaf is NORMAL and the same? Sorry, you guys aren't making any sense. 10% chance of your puppies being genetically screwed of hearing is unacceptable.
  • Any breed can be deaf, blind etc White boxers are exactly the same as the ones with color, the only difference is a lack of pigment Out of all boxers born 14% are born white and out of that 14% only 10% my be deaf in one or both ears. There is even a smaller percentage of white boxers that are blind.. As for the other things you mentioned that would depend on the type of breeder that the person got the pup from. Reputable breeders always do genetic health testing on any dog or b*tch that is being considered for breeding, and never would use any that had not cleared all of the testings.