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What is the most effective way to check to see if a dog is deaf?

I'm looking at a white boxer puppy on thursday and 18-20% of white boxers are deaf.I would like to check the dogs hearing when I visit.


  • Sneek behind him holding a big, thick book. Slam it on the floor. Watch the fun. Works everytime.
  • run a vacuum while it's sleeping. that's how I found out that my ferret is deaf. it didn't wake him up.
  • uhmm..have a vet check him? or just whistle and if he tilts his head then for sure he heard you and wondering what that sound is..lol..thats what i used to do with my dog, i'll whistle then he will tilt his head on one side..whistle again and tilit his head to the other side..lol
  • Wait until its asleep or not paying attention to you and slam your door or blast loud music into it's ear. (But not too loud it might actually make him deaf)
  • Buy a training clicker at the pet store. Puppies will respond to it, and it is something small that they will not really be visually distracted by.
  • Only a BAER test a vet administers can tell if your dog or pup is deaf, hard of hearing or is fine. Many deaf dogs often act like hearing dogs much of the time because they are visually tuned into their enviroment. And dogs can see movement much better than people so if you try to sneak up on them their perephial vision will spot you.
  • We took in a deaf dog recently as foster and were not sure if he had any hearing at all. First thing you can do is go behind the dog and clap your hands, if that gets no reaction, something is obviously wrong. Last test we did was to get a whistle and blow it behind the dog, that got no reaction either -- the dog was completely deaf. Doesn't matter really, deaf dogs can do very well by watching you and eventually learn hand signals. Our little foster has been adopted and is living very happily and is much loved in his new home. You can train a deaf dog, just takes some knowledge, but there are books on the subject to help.