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How much money does it take to feed a healthy food to a boxer?

I can spend like 500 $ to 700 $ monthly for one boxer dog is it enough & what dog food is good for a boxer my boxer dog is just 1 months old fawn colour with white markings on chest . THANKS


  • That amount of money would take care of just about any health problem that would pop up. You should be able to feed a boxer on a high quality food, between 30 and 50 dollars a month. It isn't the cost of feeding that eats up the money, it's the vet bills.
  • $500 is more than 26 thousands Indian money, I hope you're aware of that? In case you can afford to spend that much, which I wouldn't even if I was rich enough as the only 5* rated dog food available in India costs much lesser, but if you want to spend that much, try finding Orijen, or Merrick Dog food as both of them are top brands of kibbles.